High Secretariat

Karla Ximena González Guerra

Secretary General

María del Carmen Pérez Merino

Under-Secretary General

"Fighting for injustice is our right, but also, our duty"

María José Maldonado González

Under-Secretary General


Humberto Carreño Gudiño

Undersecretary of General Assembly

Diego Garcia Coronilla

Undersecretary of Specialized Agencies

Ana Paula de Anda Cota

Undesecretary of ECOSOC

Raising your voice when the world is silent, can make the difference

Daniela Medina Vega

Undersecretary of Human Rights

Ximena Ramirez Rico

Undersecretary of UNICEF

Angela Dioema Fuentes Vera

President of ICC

If you want peace, work for justice


Mariana Torres Adame

Conference Manager

Everybody wants to change the world, but no one thinks on changing themselves first

Luisa Ameyali Diaz Maitret

 Media and Design

Great organization and proper execution is what makes MUN a beautiful goal to be part of

Fernanda Armada Hernandez

Communications and Public Relations

Fernando Ramirez Ortiz

Human Resources

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